Artsperience Series

This series gives every kindergarten through eighth grade St. Charles Parish Public Schools student an opportunity to participate as an audience member at the Lafon Arts Center, and they will also experience the art media hands on through workshops with the artists themselves.  Each grade level K-8 will receive pre-production materials to prepare them for their Artsperience.  Then, they will work hands on with the artists creating performances, learning new visual art techniques, or discovering how the behind the scenes magic makes the production…well, magical.  Finally, students will get to see their resident artist in their element performing on the stage of our world class facility.

Our high school students will have some exciting opportunities to participate as well!  They will be experiencing these productions alongside their classmates in their self-selected art classes and programs with special opportunities to work with the artists as well.

We hope that through this program we will not only build up our incredible school arts programs, but also to create a new and enthusiastic generation of art supporters.